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Sal De Meo
(bass, vocals, design)

A bass player for over thirty years, the Toronto-born musician has been part of the Ottawa music scene since 1987, performing a variety of styles, including rock, jazz, blues and folk.

Sal’s first role in the band was as recording engineer on a project for the Whiskey Dollies. Sal and Chris had played together on numerous occasions in the past including a recording session with singer-songwriter Trevor Rostek. Sal took the liberty of laying some bass tracks down on a Whiskey Dollies recording. Impressed with his subtle arrangement, Finley asked him to join the band. The trio played their first gig together in May, 2003.

A former member of Merit, Guitar Rob and the Jungle Mob, Margaret Mary, and Uncle Ned’s Travelling Radio Show, Sal is also an accomplished songwriter and guitarist. Sal lives in Ottawa with his wife, Andrea, and their two children, where he works as a designer.